About Me

***Special note, 10/2/2019: It's been almost seven years since I cooked up this portfolio website. And while I do feel that it's aged well, it doesn't reflect any of my work from grad school and beyond. I haven't had to refer many people to it, so I haven't been diligent in maintaining it. I intend an overhaul in the next few months, but for right now, well, it is what it is. Back to your regularly scheduled website...***

My name is Joshua Kirby. I am a graphic designer living and working in Northern Idaho (the part of the state that has actual trees) and/or Eastern Washington. I love type (the older the better), vintage illustration, traditional art-making, and good grammar. While I am quite at home on the computer, you can name just about any artistic medium and I've probably dabbled in it; in some of them, I'm even proficient. I pride myself on attention to detail, and I am passionate about design that is beautiful, clever, and/or compelling.

There seems to be a growing trend in stripped-down, uni-color graphic design portfolios on the internet these days. I decided early on in conceptualizing this website that, more than just providing a place to display my work, I wanted my portfolio itself to be part of the narrative about me. Is it over the top? Maybe. Does it represent me? Undoubtedly. Am I proud of it? Absolutely.

If you have an idea you'd like to toss around, send me an email: joshua.e.kirby@gmail.com

You may have noticed...

...there is an unusual symbol on the front page, just below the center banner. It also appears in the menu atop all subsequent pages, just under my name placard. It is a stylized representation of a star I once saw on a medieval coin, and I have adopted it as a graphic symbol, of sorts. It sometimes appears in or on design work I've done. Clicking on it will take you to the Colophon page.